I like to say that music is magic.
I especially believe this to be true because of my years of experience bringing sing-along programs to seniors and those with Alzheimer’s disease.

The benefits music brings to my students can be achieved at home by using my sing-along DVDs with your loved ones.



Below is a video that shows how well music works for Alzheimer’s patients.

Click in the center of the video to play/pause.

I have written two articles about the benefits of music for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Both have appeared in many newspapers and periodicals nationwide that are devoted to issues concerning caregiving and seniors.  

View "Reaching People with Alzheimer's"

View "The Gift of Music"


Since 2005 I have had the privilege of bringing my sing-along programs to patients in Alzheimer’s facilities.  Research confirms my own experience that singing can be a great benefit for Alzheimer’s patients.

Here are a few recent research articles explaining the benefits of music. The Internet is full of similar articles.

Music and Alzheimers

Music – medicine for the brain

Parkinson’s and singing therapy


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